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Budgeting and Delivering for Future Prosperity


Budgeting and Delivering for Future Prosperity

Balonne Shire Mayor Samantha O’Toole has confirmed that Council are in the midst of considering and planning for the 2020/2021 financial year, in preparation for adopting the budget in a special meeting later this month.

“As a Council, we are focused on considering and pursuing all options and avenues to deliver a fair and equitable budget, while ensuring we plot a strong course towards future prosperity” the Mayor said.

“Together, we have endured an unprecedented drought, major flooding and we are now working our way through the unchartered waters of a global pandemic” said Mayor O’Toole. “Council shares the same challenges every business in our Shire is facing. We’re working hard to develop a modest budget with a focus on essential service delivery and capital expenditure, while minimising the impact on ratepayers.”

Preparation for the 2020/2021 financial year commenced immediately following the March 2020 elections. Council will continue to hold regular workshops to understand and consider all elements of the revenue and expenditure requirements for the coming year. Council will also remain committed to ensuring all current and future grant programs are delivered on time and in budget.

Mayor O’Toole said residents of the Balonne Shire can trust Council to responsibly manage the budget and keep delivering the essential services they value.

“We have the passion, experience and renewed energy needed to lead Council through these unprecedented times. We remain incredibly optimistic about our Shire’s future and draw strength from our community, who have an extraordinary ability to remain resilient through tough times, together.”

Balonne Shire Council will adopt the 2020/2021 budget in a special meeting on 25th June 2020.


For more information;

Balonne Shire Mayor Samantha O’Toole; m: 0428 887 100, e: Samantha.O'Toole@balonne.qld.gov.au

Published: 12th June 2020

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