Make a Complaint

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Make a complaint

Under Local Law No. 2, Balonne Shire Council's Local Laws Officer can take action on complaints about barking, wandering, or menacing dogs, and cases of animal neglect. 

  • If there is a dog barking excessively in your neighbourhood, first try talking to the dog’s owner to ensure they’re aware of the problem; see if they can do something to resolve the issue. 

    After speaking with the dog’s owner, and they agree to do something about the barking, wait one or two weeks to see if they’ve been successful in their efforts. Your support and ongoing feedback about the dog's behaviour can often help the dog owner resolve the issue. 

    If talking to the owner doesn't resolve the issue, you can make a complaint to Council. 

    To provide evidence which will assist in a Council investigation, keep a record of when the problem dog is barking using our Barking Dog Diary. 

    Once you have submitted a barking dog diary, Council will investigate and if necessary issue an abatement notice to the dog’s owner. 

    If a dog owner doesn’t comply with the abatement notice, they can be fined. 

    Council's resources are available below: 

    Barking dog diary

    Managing Barking in Our Community

    Dog/Cat Traps & Barking Dog Collar Hire

  • Council's Compliance Officers are patrolling all towns for wandering dogs. If your dog is found wandering, it will be impounded. 

    When a dog is impounded, Council makes every effort to contact the owner and reunite them. 

    Before a dog can leave the pound, all outstanding fees must be paid - this includes a pound release fee and a registration fee (if the dog is unregistered).

    There are two ways to report a wandering dog. 

    Snap Send Solve: 

    Snap Send Solve is a free app for your smartphone. Users can report issues and provide feedback to Council - whether you are a resident or visitor. 


    Contact Council - 07 4620 8888 

    After-hours called will be logged for attention on the next business day. 


  • Dogs can behave differently when they are outside their own yard, and may display abnormal aggressive behaviours such as: 

    • Growling 

    • Snarling 

    • Baring teeth 

    If you are menaced by an aggressive dog, please contact Council immediately; give a description of the menacing dog and its location.  

    When you report a menacing dog, our Local Laws Officer will be dispatched. 

    Report a menacing dog:

    Contact Council - (07) 4620 8888

    After-hours on call - 0407 253 858


  • Inspectors from Biosecurity Queensland (under the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) deal with cases of animal neglect in the Balonne Shire.

    To report animal neglect, call 13 25 23.

    When you phone, you will need to give: 

    • Your name, address and a contact phone number. 

    • The address where the animals are located. 

    • The details of your concern, such as the type and number of animals, the problem with the animals and the condition of the animals.  

    • The name, address and phone number of the animal's owner, if known.  

    • Any other issues that inspectors need to know, such as whether savage dogs live at the place or people there are potentially abusive or violent. 

    Please be aware that: 

    • Anonymous complaints may not be routinely investigated.  

    • It is an offence to make a vexatious or hoax complaint. 

    For more information, visit the  Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website