Observers - Deputations

Council Meetings are open to the general public (excluding "closed" agenda items) and are held on the third Thursday of each month commencing at 9 am at the Council Chambers, St George unless otherwise determined.

Residents wishing to address Council will need to formally request permission at least 7 days prior to the council’s meeting. All requests are to be addressed to: Chief Executive Officer, Balonne Shire Council, PO Box 201, St George, Qld, 4487 or email

Special arrangements can be made for visits by school children and other groups. Please contact Council on phone (07) 4620 8888 or email to make the necessary arrangements.

Deputations - Any persons addressing Council are:

  • able to present for up to 10 minutes (or at the discretion of the Mayor)

  • cannot ask questions of Councillors or council officers

  • cannot enter into a debate with council

  • required to act and speak with decorum and frame any remarks in respectful and courteous language.


Any person considered by Council to be unsuitably dressed, or behaving in an inappropriate manner may be directed by the Mayor to immediately withdraw from the meeting. Failure to comply with such a request may be considered an act of disorder.

The rules for conducting meetings are dictated by:

  • The Local Government Act 2009

  • The Local Government Regulation 2012

  • Code of Meeting Practice