Australia Day

Each year on January 26, Balonne Shire Council hosts Australia Day Awards to celebrate people and groups that have made noteworthy contributions in our community. 

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The Australia Day Awards are provided by the Queensland Commemorative Events and Celebrations Committee and administered by Local Governments. 

Did you know that the tradition of having Australia Day as a national holiday on 26 January is a recent one. It wasn’t until 1994 that all states and territories began to celebrate Australia Day consistently as a public holiday on that date.

Nominations for Australia Day Awards open during the second half of each year.       

Award Winners

Seven driven and dedicated individuals plus a team of extraordinary event organisers were presented with Australia Day Awards.

The winners’ talents spread across sport, the arts, academics, and community advocacy, but one thing they all share is the unparalleled ability to make a difference as strong leaders. 

  • Balonne Shire Australia Day Awardees for 2022 are:

    • Ben Gardiner - Citizen of the Year
    • Yasmin Sullivan - Young Citizen of the Year
    • Andrew Killen - Volunteer of the Year
    • Thallon Progress Association - Community Group of the Year
    • Thallon Truck Pull - Community Event of the Year
    • Balonne Fijian Community Group - Cultural Achievement Award
    • SueAnne Bardsley - Sports Administrator Award
    • Tom McDonnell - Senior Sports Achievement Award
    • Lillian Stenhouse - Junior Sports Achievement Award
  • Balonne Shire Australia Day Awardees for 2021 are:

    • Liz Hill - Citizen of the Year
    • Katie Parker - Young Citizen of the Year
    • Pam Crothers - Community Service Award
    • Marshal Sanford - Junior Cultural Achievement Award
    • Peta Hart - Sports Administrator Medallion
    • Kym Webster - Senior Sports Achievement Medallion
    • Oliver Lockwood - Junior Sports Achievement Medallion
    • Dragon Country Sandgreen Cup (St George Golf Club) - Community Event of the Year