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Boundless Opportunities

Balonne Sire’s four main economic pillars are: grain and cotton, sheep and cattle grazing, horticulture, and tourism and events.  There are several opportunities in the agriculture and horticulture sectors for investment in: water and farming technologies, plant and animal science and technologies, nutraceuticals and native bush foods/medicinal, value-added animal and feed processing, small livestock (sheep and goats) supply and value chains, horticultural expansion, tourism infrastructure and transport and logistics (road, rail, and air). 

There also opportunities for investors in emerging sectors such as: Agri-technology and Biotechnology, mobility, and digital services. space, defence, and renewable/alternative energy as well as housing, health and wellness and education.  

Discover the outstanding potential to invest in Balonne through the South West Queensland Boundless Opportunities platform.

For an overview on investment opportunites, contact:

Balonne Shire Council - Economic Development Officer

Garnet Radford

Phone: (07) 4620 8805


Invest in Balonne Shire

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