Halls and Civic Centres

Cultural Centre side view

Balonne Shire Council have a number of Civic Centres and Halls that are available to the public for hire. For more information about each facility please click on the Facility Fact Sheet.

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Contact is to be made to Council's Customer Service Team to confirm the availability of a facility prior to submitting a Facility Booking Form. Confirmation is only issued once payment of hire, security deposit, all other associated fees, and the completed Facility Booking Form is received by Council.

  • Prior to the hire of a centre/hall the payment of a security deposit must be made.  The security deposit is refunded to the hirer once a satisfactory inspection of the centre/hall has been conducted following the event.  Refunds of security deposits are made on the last Friday of each month.  The centre/hall must be left in a satisfactory condition of the security deposit will be withheld to cover cleaning and/or maintenance costs.  If damage is caused during the hire period, the hirer acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for the cost of repair/replacement to rectify the damage, in the event damage is made to a centre/hall the security deposit will not be refunded.

  • Hirers are required to use the cleaning equipment provided to clean the community centre leaving it in a satisfactory condition.  Please note that additional cleaning fees will apply if the centre/hall requires cleaning after a booking.  Please contact Council on (07) 4620 8888 for specific cleaning equipment in our facilities.

  • The keys to the facilities shall be collected from Council's Administration Office located in St George the day of the booking.  Keys are to be returned to Council's St George Administration Office within 3 days of the conclusion of the booking, during the office hours of 8.45am to 5pm.  The returning of late keys will incur a $50 fee that will be deducted from the security deposit.  Where it is necessary for security purposes to change locks as a result of keys not being returned, the cost of changing the locks etc. will be charged to the hirer.

  • Security breaches will incur a fee that will be charged to the hirer.  Security breaches could include leaving the centre/hall unlocked on conclusion of the event.