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Council is committed to providing all customers with timely and efficient service.

Council welcomes feedback, compliments and suggestions from residents, business and visitors to our region. Council also encourages residents and visitors to report any issues that they encounter.

Office hours are 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays).

Council may be contact in one of the following ways:

  • All written correspondence should be addressed to The Chief Executive Officer.

    Balonne Shire Council
    118 Victoria Street
    St George QLD 4487

  • Administration Office - (07) 4620 8888

  • In an emergency, Council can be contacted on mobile: 0407 253 858

  • Snap Send Solve is a free app for your smartphone. Users can report issues and provide feedback to Council - whether you are a resident or visitor.

    Snap Send Solve determines your council using your smartphone’s GPS location.

    Once your GPS location has been determined the server sends back all relevant council details, including contact information, location, and email contact.

    You can use Snap Send Solve to report on issues such as:

    • Animals
    • Street lighting
    • Roads
    • Pavement/footpaths
    • Street signs
    • Graffiti
    • Rubbish
    • Parks
    • Street cleaning
    • Trees
    • Water

    All reports from Snap Send Solve are sent from the app using your email address so that Council can communicate directly with you to fix the issue.

  • Council will ensure all residents are treated equitably; receive excellent customer service; and if Council cannot provide a service required, will refer on to an appropriate provider. 

    When residents contact Council, staff will: 

    • Identify themselves 
    • Greet and listen to residents with respect, courtesy and understanding 
    • Respond to all enquiries in a professional and timely manner 
    • Endeavour to resolve all enquiries at the first point of contact 
    • Set clear expectations of the next steps, and deliver on those commitments 

    Customer Service Charter

  • To enable Council to assist, residents are expected to: 

    • Provide Council with all relevant information needed to assist 
    • Respectfully communicate with staff 
    • Contact Council if an error is made 
    • Provide a reference number (where applicable) 
    • Provide feedback on Council's services