Citizenship Ceremonies

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Balonne Shire Council holds citizenship ceremonies when local residents have completed their applications for Australian Citizenship, and they have been approved by the Department of Home Affairs. When Citizenship applications are approved, the Department notifies Council. 

From there, Council will arrange a date for your Citizenship Ceremony, and send an invitation to you. 

Citizenship Ceremonies are conducted by the Mayor at the Balonne Shire Council Chambers in St George. 

  • You will need to show photographic identification when you arrive for your Citizenship Ceremony - either a current driver's license or a passport. 

    These documents are required as proof of identification to take part in the Ceremony; later on, you will also need it to register on the Australian Electoral Roll 

    Children under 16 years of age do not need to provide identification. 

  • A citizenship ceremony consists of: 

    • Mayor’s welcome 

    • Reading the minister’s message 

    • Citizenship preamble 

    • Your Citizenship pledge 

    • Presentation of citizenship certificates 

    • The Australian National Anthem 

    As part of your Citizenship application form, you nominate which pledge you'd like to make. The Department of Home Affairs advises Council of your chosen pledge, and Council gives you a pledge card at the Ceremony.