Disclosure Log

Our disclosure log provides documents released in response to information requests made under the Right to Information Act 2009, where they do not contain the applicant's personal information, or are otherwise unsuitable for publication according to legislation.

Date of Application Application Number Number of Pages Topic/Information Requested
24/12/2013 D14/5 5 documents ( 1-2 Pages each )

Minutes of all General meetings 1971-74
Correspondence between Council Land Department  -1//1/1973- 31/12/1974

3/4/2014 D14/3842 7 Documents Ownership/Maintenance of Cattle grids – Specifically Pine Park Road
23/6/2014 D14/7318 5 Documents ( 1-2 pages each ) Maintenance Documents /Records Mitchell – St George Road
23/7/2014 D14/8280 23 Documents ( Various number of pages ) Documents relating to flood model prepared and utilised to compile reports, including associated lidar and hydrological data.
13/4/2015 D15/4006 1 Document Funds spent on contractors within Balonne Shire Council from 1July 2014 to date
26/5/2016 ID 3394

Partial Decision Notice

2 Documents

Results of the request for quote on Bollon roads, namely Cashelvale and roads grouped as North Kulki, Kulki, Bollon-Dirranbandi and Honeymah Lane. List of recipients sought and successful tenders quoted price.
27/5/2016 ID 3413 1 Document

Funds spent on contractors within Balonne Shire Council from 1 May 2015 to 30 April 2016

27/2/2018 ID 44853 1 Document (1 Page)

Council report referred to in Council Meeting on 21/12 2017, titled Building Our Regions Project. Andrew Street, St George Kerb and Channel

Where documents have been determined suitable for release they are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF).

If a copy of the information on our disclosure log is required in an alternative format, please contact us via email or call us on (07) 4620 8888 and we will endeavour to provide it to you in a more suitable format.

Please note that where the decision-making process to delete or redact information under section 78B has resulted in blank pages, these have not been included in the disclosure log.