LDMG - Bulletin - Thursday 15th September 2022 - 8.30am



Thursday 15 September 2022 – 8.30am

This is a bulletin from the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) for the Balonne Shire. Our Local Disaster Management Group and Council are continuing to monitor road and river conditions.

Further rainfall is forecast today and tomorrow (Friday) and later next week – this may include widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms – stay up to date with www.bom.gov.au/qld.


  • Ballangarry Road – closed
  • Chelmer Road - closed
  • Cubbie Road - closed
  • Dilqui Road is closed
  • Dirranbandi Bollon Road – closed
  • Kooroon Road - closed
  • Minnum Road - closed
  • Narline Road -closed
  • Openbah Road – closed
  • Teelba Road - closed
  • Warrie Road - closed
  • Whyenbah Road (1.91m over the crossing)
  • Castlereagh Highway (Dirranbandi–Hebel Road) - open with caution water over road
  • Moonie Highway - open
  • Carnarvon Highway – open with caution – may close without notice as water rising
  • Castlereagh Highway (Dirranbandi - St George) - open

Road conditions can change without notice with inflows still coming through the catchment and with further rainfall on today and tomorrow. Council will continue to provide updates utilising the Emergency Dashboard.

Residents are advised that with road closures likely across the Shire and Region coming into the summer wet season that they consider preparing to stock up on supplies and check road conditions before travelling.

RIVER UPDATES – Bureau of Meteorology advice:

Moonie River

The Moonie River at Nindigully is currently rising. The river level is not expected to reach the level of 3.90 m, adjacent to the Nindigully Hotel, or the approaches of the Moonie River Overflow (3.50 m, St George side).

At Thallon the Moonie River was 3.81m at 7.00am this morning. The minor flood level is 4.00 m. The Moonie River at Thallon Bridge may exceed the minor flood level during today and may reach the moderate flood level during Friday (4.50 m). The river level is not expected at this stage to reach the level of the Old Bullamon Bridge (4.90 m).

Balonne River – St George and Dirranbandi

Major flooding is occurring along the Balonne River downstream of Beardmore Dam, around Whyenbah (1.91m above bridge). St George river level currently steady.

The Balonne River Minor at Dirranbandi was 4.58m yesterday (Wednesday 15/9/2022, 4.15pm). The Balonne River Minor at Dirranbandi is not expected to exceed 5m.

Bokhara River - Hebel

The Bokhara River at Hebel is currently at 1.06 metres and steady, with minor flooding. The Bokhara River at Hebel is likely to remain above the minor flood level (1.00 m) for the next few days. Further rises to the moderate flood level (1.50 m) are possible early next week, as upstream floodwaters continue to arrive.


Residents can stay up to date by subscribing to Council’s Emergency Dashboard. https://emergency.balonne.qld.gov.au/ for all the latest road conditions. The dashboard includes links to www.bom.gov.au/qld and https://qldtraffic.qld.gov.au/.

For more information phone Council on (07) 4620 8888 - this includes after-hours service.

Remember if its flooded forget it.

Councillor Samantha O’Toole