Planning Scheme


Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Planning Act 2016 that on 19 December 2019 Balonne Shire Council decided to adopt the Balonne Shire Planning Scheme 2019.

The Balonne Planning Scheme provides a single planning framework for the Balonne region, streamlining local planning provisions and reducing assessment requirements.  The new planning scheme supports growth and guides the way land, buildings and structures are used and developed in the Balonne area, enabling Council to plan for a sustainable future.

A copy of the planning scheme may be inspected at and purchased from Council's administration office and can be viewed online and downloaded below.

You can also view interactive planning scheme map here.

The Balonne Shire Planning Scheme 2019 will replace the existing Balonne Shire Planning Scheme 2016 (As Amended 2014).

Below are the superseded planning schemes and maps: