Community Grants

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Community Grants

Council supports not-for-profit organisations and community groups through its Community Grants and Assistance Program. 

The Community Grants and Assistance Program is a broad-criteria fund, which awards up to $2,500 to successful applicants. Funds provided through this program can go towards community celebrations, workshops, events, traffic management costs and other activities, which are deemed to be of benefit to the broader community.  

Council's Community Development Officers can also provide assistance in planning effective community events, in partnership with organisations or groups. 

For further information in relation to Council's current Community Grants and Assistance Policy or to submit a completed application form, please contact the Communities Team on 4620 8888 or email

Please note: Applications for Community Grants are required three weeks prior to the Council meeting dates.

Application Form

  • Council will consider waiving fees and charges for venue hire or asset use if grant applicants submit a Fee Waiver Request Form. 

    A Fee Waiver Request Form is to be completed when requesting to have fees waived up to the value of $1,000. When requesting over $1,000 please complete Community Grants and Assistance Program application form. 

    Bonds must be paid regardless of any fee waivers or concessions granted. 

    To find out if you are eligible for a Fee Waiver, email Council's Community Development Team: 

    Fee Waiver Request Form