Fire Burning & Smoke Nuisance

Fire pit

Fire Burning & Smoke Nuisance

Smoke and particles from open-air fires can cause a nuisance to neighbours and interfere with their normal daily activities. While smoke may cause an inconvenience to those living close by, it can also have an impact on people’s health.

A maximum of 50 penalty units can be issued.

The below outlines information on backyard burning and the regulations in place. 

  • Local Law No 3 ( Community and Environmental Management)

    • Backyard Fires must be contained in a fireplace to stop the spread of embers and should be exclusive to barbequing or providing warmth.
    • Maintain fries at diameters of less than 2m without a fire permit, Contact or the St George Fire Warden to request a fire permit and further advice on burns requiring a permit.
    • Be prepared to stop the spread of fire

    Please take note that it is prohibited to use incinerators outside of a commercial standard  and not constructed in accordance with Australian Standard 1875.

  • Smoke Nuisance Environmental Protection Act 1994

    Unreasonable amounts of smoke are an environmental nuisance and should be avoided by using good dry timber, and avoid toxic combustible material such as treated timbers, household rubbish and accelerants to avoid exposure to dangerous smoke.

  • Concerns can be expressed directly to Council. 

    You can contact Council on 4620 8888.