Breeding Animals

Mum and pups

Dog breeders must be listed on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register.  

If your dog becomes pregnant and has a litter, you must register as a dog breeder within 28 days of the litter being born. 

Upon registration, you will be given a Supply Number which identifies you. A Supply Number may also be a membership or permit number from an organisation or local government that accredits dog breeders – and that has been approved by the Minister as an “approved entity”. 

The Supply Number must be included with the dog’s microchip details and displayed when the dog is advertised, sold or given away. 

This will allow puppies to be traced back to their breeder. 

For more information, visit the Queensland Dog Breeder Register.

Exemption for Primary Producers

Primary producers who breed working dogs do not have to register as breeders, as long as they supply all of the dogs they have bred to other primary producers as working dogs.  

If a primary producer supplies any dogs for any other purpose, they must register as a breeder.