Animal Welfare


Animal Welfare

If you decide to keep an animal, you have a duty of care to provide for its needs.  

Before getting an animal, find out if it has any special needs. You should always make sure you have the time, money, space and capability to care for an animal before you get it. 

For more information, please read Council's fact sheet on the minimum standards for keeping animals.

Minimum Standards Fact Sheet

Animal Welfare Authorities

  • Biosecurity Queensland, under the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, is the government's lead agency for animal welfare activities in Queensland.  

    It develops, monitors and enforces animal welfare policy, legislation and standards, and educates the community about animal welfare. 

    Biosecurity Queensland and the RSPCA work in partnership to provide animal welfare services in Queensland. 

    Inspectors from Biosecurity Queensland and the RSPCA investigate complaints about animal care or cruelty in Balonne Shire and ensure compliance with the Act. Inspectors also help educate animal users about their responsibilities, and promote the Act and other agreed animal welfare standards. 

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  • RSPCA Queensland is the state’s oldest, largest and leading animal welfare charity, dedicated to improving the lives of all domestic, farmed and native animals throughout Queensland. 

    It provides helpful information for animal care, searches for missing animals, rehomes pets, rehabilitates both domestic animals and wildlife, and teaches people of all ages about animal welfare, among many other functions. 

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