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Employment Opportunity

HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER (re-advertised) - (Temporary Full-time until 31 Dec 2017) COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICER -(Permanent Full-time)

Wild Dog Baiting Campaign 2015

Wild dog baiting will be carried out in Balonne Shire from Monday 13th April until Friday 17th April 2015. Find out where your nearest baiting station is.

FORUM: Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

Are you interested in the future of arts and culture in the shire? Do you have an idea for an arts or cultural activity or project? Or are you interested in applying for funding...

Want a 10% discount on your rates?

Take advantage of a 10% discount on your rates by paying your bill prior to 5pm Friday 13th March 2015.

Arts and Cultural Grants Program

Have you got an idea for an arts and/or cultural program, activity or project which you are seeking funding for?