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New Council Sets Strong Direction and Announces Councillor Portfolios


22nd May 2020


New Council Sets Strong Direction and Announces Councillor Portfolios.

Portfolios were allocated to all Councillors at Balonne Shire Council’s Ordinary Meeting today (21st May 2020).
Councillor Portfolios provide Councillors with specific responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities under the Local Government Act 2009.

The Portfolio system provides Councillors with an opportunity to develop an enhanced level of understanding and leadership surrounding strategic activities and issues in a specified area of responsibility.
Mayor Samantha O’Toole said the Portfolio system acts as an effective channel for receiving community feedback, while also providing an informed sounding board for management.

“Working through portfolio responsibilities has been a priority for Council since the March election. We are now looking forward to setting a strong direction for our respective portfolios. As community groups, clubs and organisations work to move forward under COVID-19 restrictions, Council remains keen to engage with our community. If clubs are meeting via teleconference, virtually or by social distancing, respective portfolio holders will be ready and willing to attend, where possible” Mayor Samantha O’Toole said. Clubs and organisations are encouraged to email council@balonne.qld.gov.au with meeting dates, times and locations.

Portfolios are focused at the strategic level of Council, as such community members are encouraged to use Snap Send and Solve, or to phone Council’s administration office (07) 46208888, to register any operational service requests or complaints.
Committees, advisory and reference groups were also adopted by Council today, with membership to follow. Details can be found on the Balonne Shire Council website: www.balonne.qld.gov.au.

Strict social distancing requirements were adhered to for the duration of the meeting as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Communities & Public Open Space: Cr Fuhrmeister, Cr Winks and Mayor Samantha O’Toole
Economic Development & Planning: Cr Avery, Cr Lomman and Mayor Samantha O’Toole
Tourism & Events: Cr Fuhrmeister, Cr Winks and Mayor Samantha O’Toole
Rural Services & Environmental Management: Cr Scriven, Cr Avery and Mayor Samantha O’Toole
Infrastructure & Asset Management: Cr Scriven, Cr Todd and Mayor Samantha O’Toole
Finance & Governance: Cr Todd, Cr Lomman and Mayor Samantha O’Toole


For more information;
Balonne Shire Mayor, Councillor Samantha O’Toole, email: mayor@balonne.qld.gov.au, phone: 0428887100

Councillor Portfolio Matrix

List of Committee and Advisory Groups

Published: 22nd May 2020

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