Water and Sewerage Information


Town Water Supplies

The Balonne Shire Council owns and operates seven water supply networks in the towns of Bollon, Dirranbandi, Hebel, Mungindi, St George and Thallon.

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Untreated artesian bore supply.


Treated water mixed with untreated artesian bore supply.


Untreated artesian bore supply.


Moree Plains Shire Council treats water from the town weir on the Bokhara River in Mungindi, NSW and meters it before it crosses the border to Balonne Shire ratepayers in Mungindi Qld.

St George Bore

Untreated artesian bore supply.

St George River

An untreated supply from the town weir on the Balonne River is used for gardens, toilets and fire fighting. Water is purchased from SunWater, who determines Council's allocation according to supply availability.


Untreated artesian bore supply.

Customer Service Standards for Water Service 

Swim - Water and Sewerage Annual Data 2015-16 

Drinking Water Quality Management Reports

Information for recreational users of our rivers

Blue-green algae or cyanobacteria naturally occurs in most large water storages in Queensland in varying amounts, depending on the climate, season, and location of storage.

SunWater monitors the occurrence of blue-green algae (BGA) in its major storages on a regular basis to provide advice relating to the BGA level and the corresponding recreation hazard level (low, medium or high).

Current recreational hazard levels are displayed at monitored storages and SunWater keeps current information on BGA levels on:

- Signage at the entrance to major storages

- On the SunWater website via https://www.sunwater.com.au/community/water-and-the-environment/blue-green-algae/

If you have any questions about Blue Green Algae, please call SunWater Customer Support on 13 15 89.

Sewerage Systems

The Balonne Shire Council owns and operates sewerage systems in the towns of St George, Bollon and Dirranbandi. These systems were constructed in the early 1960s with some subsequent mains extensions in St George.
Premises in the towns of Hebel, Mungindi (in Qld) and Thallon have septic systems in use.

Customer Service Standards for Sewerage Service 

Council also provides campervan and motorhome travellers with 3 dump point facilities in the Shire:

  • St George - McGahan Street, behind Showgrounds.
  • Dirranbandi - Behind swimming pool at Showgrounds.
  • Bollon - Northern side of the old fire station.

For further information please contact Council's Director Infrastructure Services on (07) 4620 8888.

What not to flush

Dispose of bathroom rubbish such as hygiene products, wet wipes, nappies and other waste in the bin, not the toilet. These items can cause blockages and can be expensive to repair. All toilet cleaning and shower products are safe to use without affecting our wastewater system.

Wet wipes are labelled "flushable" but they don’t disintegrate in water like toilet paper – so please don' flush them down the toilet. Put them in the bin instead.

Nappies, sanitary products (napkins and tampons), razors, cotton buds, syringes should be wrapped up and put in the bin.