Murray Darling Basin Economic Development Program (MDBEDP)


Dirranbandi & St George Wild Dog Exclusion Fence Project

This project will build on the strategic predominant wild dog problematic areas throughout the Dirranbandi & St George areas within the Balonne Shire.  Strategically we will use the funding to increase economic impacts and specific operations on properties, allowing land managers to return to small stock (particularly sheep).  The sheep and wool industry can then benefit local towns through increased employment and training opportunities for the local jo seekers.  Evidence collected from existing Collaborative Area Management groups also suggests that can all lead to an improvement of floristic diversity, quantity, and quality, leading to an overall improvement in resourrce condition.

The funding for the MDBEDP is progressing and currently has 37 properties involved within the eligible area.  This will offer landholders an opportunity to increase economic impacts and primary production with the installation of exclusion fencing across the catchment area.

Unfortunately, there have been increases to fencing material costs since 2019 when funding was approved.  At the time applications were sought for the MCEDP funding, Council had set its funding contribution at $6,000 per km based on average fencing material quotes at the time and a co-contribution of $6,000 from the landholder.  However, in the space of a few months recent fencing material quotes are coming in at up to 30 percent higher cost (depending onthe materials chosen and the terrain on each property).

As Council has both budgeted for and signalled a funding payment of $6,000 per km landholders will have a say in the quotation that they wish to accept and where there is a difference, they will need to contribute that difference.  The situation can and will vary depending on what co-contribution arrangements each landholder has signalled in their application.

Council will seek three fencing materials quotes for you to consider.  If yu havd planned for a fence design in excess of the standard required, you could bring the fence back to standard before we seek quotes.  Council will also consider the landholders contributing fencing materials you have in stock, provided they were purchased within the last 12 months, you have the receipt, and they are inspected as being in a good and acceptable condition which does no compromise the integrity of the exclusion fence.

Council will require the Landholder Agreement to be signed once fencing quotes are known and your neighbour has signed Adjoining Landholder Agreements.  Other approvals or conditions of the grant will also apply.  The Landholder Agreement is the document that will formalise the grant and your contributions to the fencing project.