Communities Combating Pest and Weed Impacts during Drought Program (CCWI)


Wild Dog Exclusion Fence Project

The Balonne Shire Council (BSC) in conjunction with rural landholders aimns to construct approximately 170 kilometres of Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing (WDEF) over a one year period protecting approximately 300,000 hectares of grazing land which is best suited to small stock (e.g. sheep and goats) from wild dog predation.  This project will have a total cost of $1.6 million which will have both direct and indirect input into the local economy of the Balonne Shire.  The end result of this project will see a revival of the sheep and wool industry as well as expansion into similar activities (i.e. goat production) in South West Queensland, strengethening and diversifying the economic sector of our region.  This project will conclude all construction by November 2020.