Mungindi's uniqueness continues as a town which straddles the Barwon River, with either side of the river marking the border between Queensland and New South Wales. Not only does Mungindi have two police stations on either side of the border, but this quirky town runs on two time zones in the warmer months due to eastern daylight savings time!


One Ton Post



One Ton Post

Have you ever wanted to go to Cameron Corner to see surveyor JB Cameron's famous surveyor peg but haven't quite made it? Then you need not go any further as Mungindi will fulfil this wish, and remarkably you can place your hands on the very peg that JB Cameron erected with his own hands over a century ago. It gets better; the One Ton Post is the original survey peg whereas Cameron Corner has sadly had to replace theirs with a cement marker.

In the thick of the bush just outside of Mungindi, the One Ton Post stands out as a remarkable physical monument erected by JB Cameron to mark the end of the arduous two-year task of surveying the straight section of the Queensland/New South Wales border, from Cameron Corner to the Barwon River. Following the completion of the survey from Barringun to Cameron Corner, JB Cameron then set out to survey the 199.5 miles east from Barrigun to the Barwon River. The One Ton Post was placed on the west bank of the Barwon River near Mungindi to mark the end of the survey of the 29th parallel (degree of latitude) in October 1881.

The Border Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi QLD


Mungindi hot artesian pool



Mungindi Hot Artesian Pool

Looking to soak those weary bones? Then Mungindi's hot artesian pool will be a great spot for you to rest up, relax and rejuvenate for the afternoon in the mineral-rich water. The opening hours vary between the summer and winter months. For more information call the Mungindi Rural Transaction Centre on (02) 6753 2389.

Mungindi Swimming Pool, Bucknell Street, Mungindi NSW


Two mile hotel



Two Mile Hotel

On the northern outskirts of Mungindi sits the iconic sandstone Two Mile Hotel. Pull over for a counter meal and play a game of pool in true pub style while listening to tunes from the jukebox. While you're having your beer, check out the lacquered mahogany bar with charred shrapnel embedded in it; they're the only remnants of the fire that destroyed the original hotel back in 2010. The pub was originally established in 1908. The '2 Mile' as it's locally known, offers a handful of motel rooms and backpacker accommodation.

355 Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi QLD
Phone: (02) 6753 2051
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Barwon river parkland



Barwon River Parkland

Once you've gone and placed your hands on the One Ton Post, head towards Mungindi and pull in for a cuppa at the Barwon River Parkland, where one foot can step you over the border into New South Wales. The shady trees offer an ideal place to picnic, fish and rest before continuing on your journey.

Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi QLD


Mungindi rural transaction centre



Mungindi Rural Transaction Centre

As you cross over the New South Wales border into town, make sure you stop at the Mungindi Rural Transaction Centre to find out further visitor information on the Moree Plains Shire before continuing on your journey.

153 St George Street, Mungindi NSW
Phone: (02) 6753 2389


Jolly Swagman Hotel



Jolly Swagman Hotel

The Jolly Swagman Hotel Motel offers meals and accommodation for the hungry traveller. It's the first and last pub for a beer in New South Wales.

218 St George Street, Mungindi NSW
Phone: (02) 6753 2022


Mungindi van park



Mungindi Van Park

You might like to pull your van into the shady Mungindi Van Park for a pleasant stay.

41 St George Street, Mungindi NSW
Mobile: 0409 484 014