Southwest of St George, Dirranbandi is a small country town that comes alive through the cotton harvest months. If you have heard of the famous Cubbie Station, then you will be interested to know that the largest irrigated cotton farm in the southern hemisphere is only a stone's throw away from this small town. As you drive into Dirranbandi, you'll pass by the town's levee bank which is famous for having saved the town from flooding on more than one occasion.

Dirranbandi Town Map


railway park



Railway Park

Dirranbandi marks the end of the South West rail line and was the destination of the very last mail train to operate in Australia. On a visit to Railway Park, you'll find the old waiting room, the original parcels office and the 1913 Station Master's residence, which is now the Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre.

Railway Street, Dirranbandi


Dirranbandi rural transaction centre



Dirranbandi Rural Transaction Centre

Here you will have the opportunity to talk to a local and find out some further history on the town.

35-37 Railway Street, Dirranbandi
Phone: (07) 4625 8411


Des stevenson memorial



Des Stevenson Memorial

While meandering through Railway Park, you will uncover a stone cotton bale in memory of the late Des Stevenson, the pioneer of the cotton industry in Dirranbandi and the famed Cubbie Station.

Railway Street, Dirranbandi


Tom dancey memorial



Tom Dancey Memorial

A bronze statue in the centre of town celebrates the remarkable story of Aboriginal man Tom Dancey - the 1910 winner of Australia's most famous foot race, the Stawell Gift.

Railway Street, Dirranbandi


Mosaic walkway



Mosaic Walkway

On the opposite side of Railway Street - adjacent to the homeware and gift shops - enjoy the colourful mosaic walkway that shows an artistic take of the town's history.

Railway Street, Dirranbandi


Jack dwyer memorial park



Jack Dwyer Memorial Park

If you're looking for a quiet spot to picnic, throw in a line, or stretch your legs, then head to the Jack Dwyer Memorial Park on the edge of town.

Charles Street, Dirranbandi