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Planning Considerations for New Businesses

If you are considering starting a business in Balonne Shire, it is highly advised that prior to completing any steps (i.e. purchasing products, entering into an agreement) you contact Council’s Planning and Development Officer and seek advice if development/planning permission will be required.

There are a number of factors which are considered by the Planning Officer against the Balonne Shire Planning Scheme to determine if a development/planning application will be required for the business (including but not limited to);

  • How will the business operate i.e. hours, services offered etc.?
  • What is the site address of the property where the business will operate?
  • What is the current primary use of the site?
  • If the use will use an existing building, is this building to be extended?
  • Is any associated advertising signage / operational works / reconfiguration of the lot proposed?

Ultimately, each property has unique characteristics and is different. Therefore no use (i.e. home based business, café, vehicle workshop), operational works (i.e. advertising signage, excavation and filling) and reconfiguration of a lot (i.e. subdivision, boundary realignment, access easement) can be determined to be exempt or require development/planning approval without a review against the Balonne Shire Council Planning Scheme.

It is imperative that part of due diligence by the proponent therefore includes contact with Balonne Shire Council to determine if development/planning approval is required prior to commencing the business and any activities associated with it.  

Council's Planning Department: (07) 4620 8888