St George Water Restrictions


Level 4 Water Restrictions for the St George River Water Supply commence Monday 16 December 2019.

St George Water Restriction Policy 

Level 4 Water Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the use of water supplied through the water reticulation system in the town of St George for outside use.


Residences No watering except with hand held hose.
All Schools and Caravan Parks No watering except with hand held hose.
Other Businesses No watering except with hand held hose.
Rowden Park, Showgrounds, Other Town Parks and Council Facilities In accordance with parks and gardens programme
Other and variations to the above No variations approved under level 4 restrictions.

Open ended unattended hoses must NOT be used at any time.

Council staff monitor compliance with the water restrictions.  A first offence will incur a written warning on Level 1 and Level 2 restrictions only.  Subsequent offences will result in an infringement notice and a fine to the individual in breach of the water restriction.  No written warning will be provided for breaches on Level 3 and 4 restrictions and a first offence will result in an infringement notice and fine.

Use of water by fixed systems NOT drawing on the reticulated town water supply such as a property bore should be accompanied by appropriate signage clearly visible from the street adjoining the property being watered.

This Notice of Water Restriction Level 4 does not apply to reasonable actions taken to prevent material risks associated with an accident, fire or hazard to health, safety or the environment.

For further information please contact Balonne Shire Council on (07) 4620 8888.