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Border control measures tightened: select road crossings closed


The Balonne Local Disaster Management Group has moved to 'stand up' after being advised Queensland Government border control measures are in place as of 1am Friday 23 July, 2021.

Police have advised the LDMG that a number of border roads in the Balonne Shire will be closed. These are:

  • Byra Rd (at West Culgoa Rd)
  • Jakelwar-Goodooga Rd (at Mulga Downs Rd and Brenda Rd at the Brenda Gate)
  • Hebel-Goodooga Rd
  • Koomalah Rd
  • Cambo Rd

Three state controlled roads are also affected:

  • Castlereagh Hwy, Hebel
  • Carnarvon Hwy, Mungindi
  • Border Connection Rd, Mungindi (Mungindi-Collarenbri Rd)

The LDMG has been advised that Police will monitor the Castlereagh Hwy and Carnarvon Hwy 24 hours a day. All other border crossings will be closed to traffic.

New South Wales has been declared a COVID-19 Hotspot and Border Zones are now in effect.

Border Zone residents are able to enter and leave Queensland for permitted purposes including work, school, health care, providing personal care, and essential shopping.

If a person living in the Border Zone travels south beyond the designated zone, they will be unable to enter Queensland for 14 days. If they must return to Queensland within those 14 days, they will be required to enter hotel quarantine.

A detailed list of reasons to travel and a map of the Local Government Areas included in the NSW Border Zone are available on the Queensland Government website.

Masks must be worn in 11 LGAs of South East Queensland until 6am Friday 30 July. Anyone who has been to the imapcted areas must also continue to wear a mask, even if they have left the region.

Further information and a list of impacted areas are also available on the Queensland Government website.

All other restrictions for South East Queensland have eased and are now in line with the rest of Queensland. Read more on the Queensland Government website.

The Balonne LDMG will continue to monitor and respond to the situation, and will meet again next week.

Published: 23rd July 2021

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