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Rates discount period extended to October 31


Balonne Shire Council administration building.Balonne Shire ratepayers will have 60 days – twice the normal discount period - to pay their August rates levy if they wish to take advantage of a 10 per cent discount.

Mayor Samantha O’Toole said ratepayers would start seeing their rates notices next week and would need to make their half-yearly payment by 31st October to qualify for the discount

Cr O’Toole said for most ratepayers there would not be any increase in their rates and charges this financial year. Council’s seven-year rating strategy has continued to Year 2 for rating categories 100, 200, 300 and 500.

“Limitations have also continued for some of the differential rating categories due to the volatility of the 2017/18 land revaluation,” Cr O’Toole said.

Utility charges will not increase for water, waste and sewerage. Council’s three tier pedestal charges will now be one standard rate of $250 per pedestal.

Council’s Environmental special charge, Urban Animal Special Charge and Feral Animal Special Rate will also continue without an increase.

“Our 2020-21 budget continues to build on the work already done to realise our vision of connected, innovative communities, where opportunities are abundant and economies are strong," Cr O’Toole said.

Published: 28th August 2020

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