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Think before you flush


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is starting to have an impact on Balonne Shire Council infrastructure.
Residents and visitors using alternatives to toilet paper such as wipes, tissues or anything else are potentially causing problems within the sewerage system.
Balonne Shire Council Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Magin, said “flushable” wipes did not break down as easily as toilet paper and could cause blockages in Council’s sewerage system.
“If you are using disposable wipes, we urge you dispose of them in bins as blockages in the sewerage system will result in backflow into your home,” he said.
“COVID-19 is also creating issues in our public toilet facilities with our team reporting an increase in incidents of theft of toilet paper and soap from the Shire’s public amenities.
“We, like many others, are having trouble sourcing toilet paper supplies for our public amenities. These thefts by selfish individuals may impact on the wider community if Council has to close facilities to the public due to the lack of toilet paper.”
Mr Magin said the Council team was currently maintaining its regular cleaning service level of public amenities blocks.
“However, this may change as the situation progresses and we may have to reduce the number of public toilet facilities offered or close them for public safety,” he said.
“We are looking at how our workforce is being deployed and will endeavour to keep our service intervals at their current level.
“I can assure our communities we are doing everything we can to ensure our public amenities are clean and safe for use.”

Published: 18th March 2020

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