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Wild Dog Baiting Campaign


Wild dog baiting will be carried out in Balonne Shire from Tuesday, 12 May 2020 until Friday 15, May 2020 at the following baiting stations:

Tuesday, 12 May 8.00am Wonolga Road
  12.00pm Ula-Ula Road Turno
Wednedsay, 13 May 8.00am Corner of Mungindi & Dirranbandi-Noondoo Roads
  11.30am Thallon Tip
Thursday, 14 May 7.30am Bollon Aerodrome
  12.00pm Boolba Reserve
Friday, 15 May 8.00am Gravel Pit on the Barwon Highway up from the Chelmer Road Turnoff


Landowners are advised that anyone wishing to participate in this campaign MUST contact Balonne Shire Council no later than Tuesday, 28 April 2020.

Landowners must bring rate notices to baiting stations and inform neighbours of their intent to bait 72 hours prior to laying baits.

Tourists and local community members are to be vigilant with their pets during baiting periods and take caution whilst travelling around the Balonne shire.  1080 baits can remain live for long periods on properties adjacent to main roads and other road networks within the Shire boundary during dry conditions.

Landowners are to be vigilant during the baiting campaign and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and ensure vehicle hygiene protocols are adhered for the safety of working dogs.

Please also remember dates may change due to inclement weather.

For further information or to book in, please contact Balonne Shire Council's Rural Services Project Support Officer, Mrs Tayla Willis on 07 4620 8829.


Published: 3rd March 2020

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