Feral Animals and Stock Routes


Wild Dog Bounty requirements

To be eligible to claim the wild dog bounty or retainer the following conditions must be met from 1 July 2019:

  1. Letter of Declaration (PDF) from the landowner or manager of the property (sample letter of declaration on Council’s website), if this letter is not received on the day of claiming payment will be withheld;
  2. Statutory Declaration form must be completed and signed by the applicant listing all of the property and owners details on which the dog was destroyed. The Commonwealth Statutory Declaration must be witnessed by an Authorised Officer, Justice of the Peace or relevant officer in accordance with the legislative requirements.
  3. GPS points or a map of the property indicating where the dog/s were destroyed must accompany the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration and lodged on the Feral Scan App.
  4. A copy of the applicant's drivers licence must accompany their first claim.
  5. The scalps must be delivered to the Council Office and sighted by the Authorised Council Officers prior to receiving payment.
  6. A relevant officer of Council (if applicable the Manager of Rural Services and Compliance) must sign the Wild Dog Bonus Application (section 3), confirming that the scalps have been sighted and match the information on the Application for Payment Form and the Destruction sign off, prior to the Application being processed for payment.
  7. The scalps must be dried or frozen (decomposing or smelling scalps will not be accepted).
  8. The scalp must be a full scalp – not just the ears and nose.
  9. Scalps must be suitably packaged (not open plastic bags).

The Wild Dog Bonus Application / Statutory Declaration are processed through Rural Services Unit and then through the Accounts Payable system from the information provided and processed accordingly. Council will pay the dogger/trapper directly and not through any third parties. Forms must be returned fully completed. Council’s payment terms are 30 days.

Council will now use the Feral Scan Application to log the GPS coordinates of wild dogs/dingoes captured/shot/trapped/sighted within the Balonne Shire. To become a listed member through Balonne Shire Council Feral Scan App you need to sign the attached agreement and complete the details so we are able to register you.

The Feral Scan Application is designed to do the following:

  • Record and view all your records of wild dogs, their damage and control activities all in the one place
  • Upload your photos of wild dogs and their activity and view them in the photo gallery
  • Use the data from your local area to create and print a map
  • Talk with your neighbours and compare your results
  • Identify the priority areas for control on your property and in your local area
  • Link with local groups and coordinate your resources
  • Find out who may be able to help you with wild dog management
  • Monitor the effects of control programs and prove their effectiveness
  • Review your data to see changes over time
  • Inform your community about wild dog problems

This is a new process for Council Officer’s to ensure compliance around our scalp bounty and retainer management. Your cooperation with getting the above information accurately and completing the relevant forms is essential for any future payment process.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Council on (07) 4620 8888.

Letter of Declaration from the landowner   (PDF)

Commonwealth Statutory Declaration   (PDF)

Feral Scan Application Form   (PDF)

Feral Animal Management

With an estimated damage bill of approximately $66.3 million each year Australia wide to livestock caused by wild dogs (not including the damage pigs, foxes and other wild animals do), the country areas of Queensland have a huge problem with wild animals.

Council partners with other organisations such as South West Natural Resource Management to bid for cluster fencing projects.

We also conduct feral animal baiting campaigns several times per year. Details about these shire wide campaigns are advertised closer to the time.

Wild Dog Baiting Program

Wild dog baiting is carried out in Balonne Shire at least twice annually. Council advertises when baiting will occur and will advise participating landholders of any date changes as a result of bad weather or availability of the bait products. Meat baits will be supplied by Council, consisting of 40kg of bait material for each property.

Landowners must bring rate notices to baiting stations and inform neighbours of their intent to bait 72 hours prior to laying baits.

Tourists and local community members are to be vigilant with their pets during baiting periods and take caution whilst travelling around the Balonne Shire. 1080 baits can remain live for long periods on properties adjacent main roads and other road networks within the Shire boundary during dry conditions.

Landowners are to be vigilant during the baiting campaign and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and ensure vehicle hygiene protocols are adhered for the safety of working dogs.

For further information contact Council on (07) 4620 8888.

Stock Routes

DNRM application for Stock Route Permit