Lodging a Development Application


Before you lodge your application

Please make sure that all of the relevant and requested information is included. Failure to provide all of this information may result in your application not being a properly made application.

If an application is not properly made, it may not be accepted and Council must give you notice that the application has not been properly made, and information about how to remedy this. If you do not remedy a deficient application within the relevant timeframe, the application will lapse.

This fact sheet will help you make sure your lodgement is properly made:

Development Application Fact Sheet

How and Where to Lodge

By email

Development applications can be lodged to council electronically.

All emails and attached documentation are to be sent to council@balonne.qld.gov.au

By post

Two copies of all documents are required for hard copy applications.

Post them to:

Balonne Shire Council
PO Box 201
St George, Qld 4487


Balonne Shire Council Administration Building
Corner of Grey and Victoria Street
118 Victoria Street, 
St George