Fences and Retaining Walls



Building Approvals are generally not needed for fences if: 

  • It is associated with an existing house (or other residential use).
  • It is less than two metres high.
  • It is not associated with a swimming pool (swimming pool fences have their own requirements).
  • It is not part of a retaining wall.
  • It would not restrict water run-off from adjoining properties.

If your proposed fence does not meet all the above requirements, you may need to submit a building application.

When is building approval required?

If a fence is higher than two metres above natural ground level, a Class 10 building approval is required for the fence.

Contact us to arrange a building approval for your fence and/or retaining wall.

A building surveyor can help you determine whether there are any possible water run-off impacts.

Boundary fences

Generally, the owners of adjoining land must equally contribute to the cost of a constructing a dividing fence. You'll need to agree on the type of fence, the cost, and how it will be built. It's a good idea to put an agreement in writing.

The Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011, defines the law relating to constructing and repairing fences that divide adjoining land.