Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing


Welcome to Council's Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing team.

The Balonne Shire Council (BSC) in conjunction with rural landholders aims to construct Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing (WDEF) over a 5-10 year period protecting grazing land which is best suited to small stock (e.g. sheep and goats) from wild dog predation.  These projects will have a total cost of over $20 million in funding and Special Rate Scheme which will have both direct and indirect input into the local economy of the Balonne Shire.  The end result of these projects will see a revival of the sheep and wool industry as well as expansion into similar activities (i.e. goat production) in South West Queensland, strengthening and diversifying the economic sector of our region.

To better support you and keep the multiple funding programs and Special Rate Schemes on track, and for you to 'put a face to a name', Council's expanded WDEF support team and is here to assist our Landholders through this process.

WDEF TEamPictured left to right, Tayla Willis (Project Support Officer - WDEF & Rural Services), Kevin Fontaine (Senior WDEF & Environment Officer), Lachlan Grundon (Rural Lands & Environment Officer), Robyn Shapcott (Manager of Rural Services & Compliance), Grace Peskett (WDEF Administration Officer) and Digby Whyte (Director Environment & Regulatory Services). James Gubby absent.

You can contact the above team on email WDEF@balonne.qld.gov.au or by phoning (07) 4620 8888.

Mayor and Landholder exclusion fence


Rick Cuffe at Kimcey was the first Special Rate Scheme Landholder to complete their fencing, and plans to continue cattle and reintroduce sheep.  Mayor Sam O'Toole is pictured congratulating Rick.