Hutt Street Pump Station

River Water Pressure Changes in St George

Residents in some areas of St George may notice their river water pressure change from time to time. This is to be expected as the supply pumps stop and start.

What should you do if you notice a significant drop in pressure and flow?

You can either:

  1. Call Council on phone (07) 4620 8888 to lodge a service request. This request will be allocated to the appropriate officer for action.
  2. Use the free app Snap Send Solve to report the issue 24/7 and your request will be followed up during business hours.

A number of community members have been approaching Councillors directly, however, this is not effective, as they need to go through the same steps to lodge an issue. This delays your issue being actioned.

Why is the pressure changing?

  • It will likely be due to the new location of the water pump (at Hutt Street instead of behind the showgrounds)
  • Reticulation pressure increases when the Hutt St pumps are filling the water tower (‘high pressure’). When the water tower is full and the pumps stop, reticulation pressure is provided from the elevated water stored in the water tower (‘lower pressure’)
  • The greatest pressure variability will be experienced by residences in the vicinity of the Hutt Street pump station
  • In some cases, pressure loss has been due to blockages in residential service connections; not the main line or as result of the pump station. Council crews have rectified these blockages when they have been reported.