Community Consultation


Master plans for St George CBD and Streetscape, Balonne River Foreshore, Rowden Park, Bollon RV and Streetscape and the Beardmore Dam Recreation Area

Council is getting ready to prepare exciting new master plans for the St George river foreshore, St George town centre, Rowden Park, Bollon streetscape and RV park, and the Beardmore Dam Recreation  Area.

We want to hear hat you would like to see your outdoor open spaces and place become as we build our vision for a more vibrant and active community.

Learn more by watching the short video below and take part in the surveys:

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You can participate by completing the below online surveys:

St George CBD

St George River Foreshore

Rowden Park

Bollon Streetscape and RV Park

Beardmore Dam Recreational Area

All responses MUST be completed and returned prior to Sunday 24 May 2020.