What it's like to work with us

Our Vision and Values

Our workplace focuses on delivering efficient, quality services to our customers – the residents and ratepayers of the Balonne Shire.

Our Values are:

  • Our Customers
  • Our People
  • Our Reputation

Our People and Our Region

Our workforce is as diverse as the services we offer, with a range of professional careers, office roles as well as skilled and unskilled labour positions.

Our workers are friendly and professional, with a focus on solutions, efficiency, and putting the customer first.

As an Equal Employment Opportunity provider, we embrace workers regardless of their age, gender, background or culture.

The Balonne Shire is located in Queensland on the New South Wales border, more than 500km from the east coast of Australia. The shire comprises an area of 31,119km2 and includes six towns and villages.

It’s a region of surprising diversity and unique attractions. The area is rich in native bird and animal life, wide open spaces, beautiful waterways and many historic buildings. There are seven waterways traversing our shire; it’s like our lifeblood.

With its population of just under 4500 residents, Balonne Shire is also an important service junction between New South Wales and Queensland, between city and country and inland and coast. It is also located between the Surat, Cooper and Bowen Basins. The shire is attractive to young families, with higher than average percentages of people in these age groups, and large numbers of temporary workers come to the shire every year to work for the irrigation industries.