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Planning and Building

Planning Scheme

Balonne Shire Council's Planning Scheme is available electronically here:

Balonne Shire Planning Scheme

CD copies and hard copies are also available (for a fee). Contact our Planning and Environment Department on 4620 8844

Development Applications

Building/Development applications are necessary for:

  • new buildings;
  • alterations or additions to existing buildings;
  • swimming pools;
  • sheds (including garden sheds);
  • roofed or unroofed patio additions;
  • pergolas attached to dwellings;
  • the removal or demolition of buildings;
  • material change of use; and
  • sub-division of land (reconfiguration of parcel/lot)

What level of assessment does your proposal require?

Here is a quick summary of the level of assessment required for all land uses in each zone in the Balonne Shire.

Schedule a chat with our Planning and Development Officer before submitting your application and receive free information and advice about the process for your application.

Click here to obtain IDAS forms, guides and checklists - SPA

Plumbing Services

To apply to have a water supply connected to your premises please complete the following form.

 Application for Water Connection

This form needs to be returned to the Health Planning and Environment department with the prescribed fee in order for the water to be connected.

Property Search

To apply for a Property, Building or Rates search please complete the following form and submit completed form and prescribed fee to Balonne Shire Council.

Application for Property Search

Fees and Charges

Builing and Planning fees for the current financial year can be found in Council's Register of Regulatory Fees and Listing of Commercial Charges

Useful Links

IDAS forms - for all forms related to Development Applications

The development application process

Exempt developments in a Residential Zone

Planning Register

Balonne Shire Council's Planning Register and application status