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Community Advises Council on Levee Bank Maintenance

Council has implemented a new initiative which gives the community a structured platform for advising Council on matters relating to the levee bank in St George. “It’s a new way forward...

Murray Darling Basin Authority: Your feedback

The Murray Darling Basin Plan are working to finalise the social, economic and environmental science research that underpins the Northern Basin Review. They now want to share the results of their work so far, including how different water recovery scenarios effect environmental, social and economic outcomes. Attend one of these meetings

Drum Muster 2016

Drum Muster 2016

The Drum Muster is on again - August 7th 2016 and Springwell Road

Oral History Told and Preserved

Famed stories as well as some previously untold stories from our regions’ rich history have now been preserved in short video clips. Four short video stories from St George and five from...

Meeting Notice: Budget Adoption

Special (Budget 2016/17) Meeting of the Council, to be held in the Council Chanbers, 118 Victoria Street, St George, on 21st July, commencing at 8.30am.