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Registrations have been mailed out and are now due. Make sure to pay before 31 August, 2017, to get your 50% discount. 

Why should I register my pet?

If your pet should stray or become lost, our Office can check the registration number, find your address and advise you that your pet has been found. 
Impoundment fees are expensive and continue to increase the longer your animal is in the pound. For example, an unregistered dog that has not been desexed (and that you do not want to have desexed) will cost $400 to have released from the pound. 

Registering your animals shows that you are a responsible pet owner and care for the welfare of the community. It is also a safeguard for your pet so it can be returned if it becomes lost. In addition, your registration fees help provide important services within the area such as animal control and community education about responsible pet ownership. Registration can also help control the population of dogs and cats in the shire, as a reduced registration fee is offered for desexed pets.

My pet always wears a tag and/or  a collar—why do I need to microchip it as well?

Collars and tags can become lost, damaged or be removed. A microchip is a permanent implant that will remain in the animal its entire life. By simply scanning your pet, obtaining the microchip number and searching it on a national database, all your details will be displayed and you can be quickly contacted to recover your valuable pet. You are able to microchip your pet at your local vet surgery. 

Once registered, you will receive a registration number and tag. The tag must be worn by the animal at all times. This tag will assist the return of your pet in the event that it becomes lost.

When Should I Register my Dog?

Dogs must be registered within 14 days of…

  • The dog becoming three months of age.
  • Obtaining your dog (if the dog is older than three months of age).
  • Of moving into the Balonne Shire Council.
  • Of the date of expiry of the previous registration.

Registration can be arranged from your local council office situated in St George.

Fees and Charges 2017-18

Subsidised Pet Microchipping and Registration Clinic

Council regularly hosts subsidised microchipping and registration clinics in St George and Dirranbandi. 

Eligible dogs must be:

  • fully vaccinated 
  • or at least 1 year old if they haven’t been vaccinated before 
  • or had a vaccination over 3 months of age

A dog younger than 1 year old which hasn’t been vaccinated is not eligible.

There are limited numbers so get in early to book. Payment for the microchipping and registration is $25 and is due at the time of booking.

For more information contact Council on 4620 8888.