Rates Information & Payment Options

Rates for the Balonne Shire are issued in two moieties each financial year. Ratepayers usually receive their half yearly notices in August and February and have at least 30 days to pay their rates to receive the full discount offered.

Payment Options

Rates can be paid by cheque, money order, BPAY, Mastercard, Visa, EFTPOS, or cash at the Council Office. 

You can also pay your rates in advance and/or by instalments at any time. Many people find this helpful when budgeting for their commitments.

If you are having difficulty in paying your rates, please contact the Rates Department. Balonne Shire Council is always willing to work with ratepayers towards a reasonable arrangement for the settlement of rates. To apply to pay your rates by instalments please complete the following form and bring it in to the Council Office. Please note a fresh application is required for each issue of Council rates.

Rates Instalment Payments

We've put together an easy-to-read flyer to help you understand where rates money is spent and how to read your rate notice.

2017/18 Rates at a Glance