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2018-19 Financial Policies.pdf 12,564.7k
2018-19 Revenue Policy.pdf 11,578.4k
2018-2023 Balonne Shire Council Corporate Plan.pdf 838.5k
2018 Code of Conduct for Queensland councillors.pdf 145.6k
Acceptable Request Guidelines.pdf 326.8k
Administrative Action Complaints Policy Procedure 2016.pdf 74.8k
Advertising Spending Policy - adopted 16 May 2019.pdf 340.5k
Asset Management Policy.pdf 365.4k
Assistance to Bush Fire Brigades Policy.pdf 4.9k
Balonne Shire Council Economic Development Plan 2018-2022.pdf 3,826.4k
Balonne Shire Grid and Exclusion Fencing Policy.pdf 634.0k
Balonne Shire Grid and Exclusion Fencing - Road Corridor Application.pdf 755.1k
Balonne Shire Tourism Policy.pdf 454.2k
Balonne Shire Tourism Strategy.pdf 1,958.7k
Balonne Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan 2018.pdf 716.2k
Balonne Young Leaders Bursary Policy.pdf 710.3k
Brochure Management and Display Policy 2019.pdf 541.3k
Camping at Showgrounds and Sportsgrounds Policy.pdf 55.6k
CCTV Strategy 2017-2021.pdf 1,492.2k
Code of Conduct for Employees 2014.pdf 242.4k
Code of Meeting Practice 2018.pdf 805.7k
Community Engagement Policy.pdf 669.3k
Community Engagement Strategy.pdf 796.3k
Community Grants Assistance Policy 2019.pdf 433.0k
Community Safety Strategy.pdf 688.5k
Complaints about the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) - s48A Crime & Corruption Act.pdf 2,044.6k
Confidentiality Policy.pdf 123.1k
Corruption and Fraud Control Policy.pdf 380.2k
Councillor Complaints Investigation Policy 2018.pdf 711.7k
Councillors' Expenses Reimbursement Policy -adopted 16 May 2019.pdf 616.7k
Councillor Vehicle Policy.doc 91.5k
Drug and Alcohol Policy.pdf 3,110.5k
Employee Long Service Recognition Policy.pdf 8.3k
Entertainment and Hospitality Policy.pdf 59.7k
General Meeting Agenda.pdf 40.2k
Gifts and Benefits Policy - adopted 18 April 2019.pdf 388.6k
House Relocation - Raising Policy.pdf 916.4k
Leave of Absence and Teleconferencing Policy & Procedure 2014.pdf 87.9k
Licence or Lease of Council Owned or Controlled Land to Sporting, Recreational and Community Organisations Policy.pdf 469.6k
Media Policy - Councillors and Staff.pdf 404.8k
Policy and Procedures for Reporting and Investigating Official Misconduct.pdf 50.0k
Pre-Employment Medical Examination Policy.doc 249.0k
Private Property Entrance Policy.pdf 1,236.9k
Private Works Policy.pdf 32.7k
Procurement Policy - adopted 21 February 2019.pdf 655.5k
Public Interest Disclosure Policy 2017.pdf 1,349.1k
Rates Recovery Policy 2019-20.pdf 298.6k
Rehabilitation Policy.pdf 71.1k
Relocation of Buildings Policy.pdf 8.6k
Road Register.doc 363.0k
Rural Residential Water Supply Policy.pdf 30.0k
Salvage of Lost Abandoned Goods Policy.pdf 10.2k
St George Airport Master Plan.pdf 13,764.7k
St George Water Restriction Policy - Nov 2015.pdf 143.9k
St George Water Restriction Policy.pdf 709.6k
Sundry Debt Recovery Policy - adopted 16 May 2019.pdf 367.3k
Support for Employees affected by Domestic Family Violence.pdf 210.2k
Tourism Events Grant Policy and Guidelines.pdf 718.7k
Visitor Information Centre Craft Consignment Agreement.pdf 634.6k
Visitor Information Centre Merchandising and Craft Consignment Policy.pdf 539.7k
Visitor Information Centre Volunteer Policy & Appendix A.pdf 1,161.7k
Water Meter Policy.pdf 13.1k
Wild Dog Scalps Bounty and Retainer Policy.pdf 781.2k
Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.pdf 386.9k
Workplace Health and Safety Policy.pdf 81.1k
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Items per Page 100
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