Feral Animals and Stock Routes

Feral Animal Management

With an estimated damage bill of approximately $66.3 million each year Australia wide to livestock caused by wild dogs (not including the damage pigs, foxes and other wild animals do), the country areas of Queensland have a huge problem with wild animals.

Council partners with other organisations such as South West Natural Resource Management to bid for cluster fencing projects.

We also conduct feral animal baiting campaigns several times per year. Details about these shire wide campaigns are advertised closer to the time.

Wild Dog Baiting Program

Wild dog baiting is carried out in Balonne Shire at least twice annually. Council advertises when baiting will occur and will advise participating landholders of any date changes as a result of bad weather or availability of the bait products. Meat baits will be supplied by Council, consisting of 40kg of bait material for each property.

Landowners must bring rate notices to baiting stations and inform neighbours of their intent to bait 72 hours prior to laying baits.

Tourists and local community members are to be vigilant with their pets during baiting periods and take caution whilst travelling around the Balonne Shire. 1080 baits can remain live for long periods on properties adjacent main roads and other road networks within the Shire boundary during dry conditions.

Landowners are to be vigilant during the baiting campaign and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and ensure vehicle hygiene protocols are adhered for the safety of working dogs.

For further information contact Karl Hempstead, Manager Rural Services on 0429 208 861.

Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing

The ABC program Landline recently focussed on how wild dog exclusion fencing is having a positive effect in the Central West.  

Landholders wanting more information on Wild Dog Exclusion Fencing can contact Karl Hempstead, Manager Rural Services on 0429 208 861 or WEDF project officer Tayla Willis on 07 4620 8829.

Warning - the program contains images of sheep that have been attacked by wild dogs. 

Watch Landline story now

QRIDA Exclusion Fencing Loans

Feral pests including wild dogs are leaving their mark on the sheep and wool industry across Queensland. Recent dry conditions and drought has meant the economic and physical impact has been significant in the Balonne area and neigbouring districts.

Primary producers who are impacted by wild dogs are encouraged to consider Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority’s (QRIDA) Sustainability Loan to implement exclusion fencing.

Exclusion fencing is a long term and sustainable solution for producers who want to keep feral animals out of their property, protect their livestock and improve their pasture and crop management.

QRIDA’s Sustainability Loan offers up to $1.3 million to eligible producers helping them develop existing properties through the purchase of materials and equipment, the cost of contractors and dry hiring machinery and any preparatory work to construct the fence. Interest free periods are available for fencing projects, QRIDA loans also feature zero account keeping fees or charges.

Graziers are encouraged to discuss their requirements and any broader farm development plans with QRIDA Regional Area Manager, Tony Koch on 0427 029141 or by contacting QRIDA on Freecall 1800 623 946 or visit www.qrida.qld.gov.au for more information.

Stock Routes

DNRM application for Stock Route Permit

Spelling of stock / camping at St George Showgrounds

Application form to temporarily camp at St George Showgrounds with stock