Discounts and Concessions

Discounts and Pensioner Rebates

Discounts are allowed for early payment as detailed on your rates notice. The full amount including any rate arrears and interest must be paid on or before the discount expiry date to receive the discount. Electronic payments processed after the nominated Payment Cut-off Time on the due date by your financial institution or bill payment service will not be eligible to receive a discount. Rebates are also available for pensioners. To apply for a Pensioner Rate Remission please complete the following forms and return them to the Council Office.

Application for Pensioner Rate Subsidy

Community Group Rates Support 

Community Groups are eligible to apply for a percentage of subsidy for their rates each year. 

Organisations which receive operational funding from the State or Federal Government are ineligible for the Community Rates Support Program.  

Successful organisations with a sport and recreation focus may receive up to 25% of their annual general rates and/or utility service charges. Organisations with a charitable or community service focus may receive up to 50% of their general rates and/or utility service charges. The actual level of support / remission of rates approved will be at the discretion of Council.

See the guidelines here

Community Rates Support Program application form