Community Rates Support Guidelines Community Rates Support Guidelines


The Balonne Shire Council Community Rates Support Program seeks to:

  • Support the viability of community owned facilities
  • Encourage the provision of services and facilities by no-for-profit community groups to the Balonne shire communities
  • Support community organisations experiencing financial hardship.

Eligible Organisations

Eligible community organisations which:

  • Are based in the Balonne Shire or able to demonstrate that the project, program or activity will directly benefit Balonne Shire residents,
  • Are an approved charity or an incorporated no-for-profit organisation,
  • Pay general rates or sewerage and cleasing sewerage and clensiting utility service charges to the Balonne Shire Council,
  • Do not receive operational funding from the State or Federal Government,
  • Have public liability insurance.

Ineligible Groups

  • Individuals,
  • Organisations that are operationally funded by State or Federal Governments (e.g an aged care service conducted by an approved provider under the Aged Care Act 1997),
  • Gaming machine licensed organisations.

Funding Details

Funding as approved in Council's annual budget for the Community Rates Support Program will be available for community organisations that are liable to pay general rates and/or sewerage and cleansing utility service charges in the same financial year.

Remissions for service charges relate to cleansing and sewerage charges only. No remissions are provided for water service charges.

Successful organisations with a sport and recreation focus may receive up to 25% of their annual general rates and/or sewerage and cleansing  utility service charges. Organsiations with a charitable or community service focus may receive up to 50% of their general rates and/or sewerage and cleansing utility service charges.

The actual level of support/remission of rates approved will be at the discretion of Council. A cap may be applied to organisations with multiple service charges limiting the maximum amount of remission available.

The remission of rates will normally be processed as a credit on rate accounts, however Council may refund rate payments which have already been paid.

No remission will be granted on arrears, interest amounts, water service charges, excess water charges or balances resulting from missed discounts.

Assessment Process

  • Applications should be submitted on the Application Form available from the Balonne Shire Counil and include the details of the organisation. The application should also detail the reason why the assistance is reqired. 
  • Supporting documentation may be required including:

           Audited Financial Statements from prior years  - upon request

           Public Liability Insurance Certificate - upon request

           Incorporation Certificate - upon request

  • Applications must be submitted within the financial year for which a remission of rates is requested.
  • Council may include a remission of rates to identified organisations in future Revenue Policies and Statements to negate the need for these organisations to apply annually for a remission of rates under this program.