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St George Airport Master Plan Survey

Council is undertaking a survey about the St George Airport to find out what we need to make sure we provide facilities and services that meet regulatory, community and airport user requirements and expectations.

The proposal is to establish a defined area within the airport boundaries where Balonne Shire Council can lease land to private individuals or commercial entities, to construct hangar facilities. This area will form the first stage of the general aviation (GA) precinct.

Council is in the process of developing a comprehensive master plan for St George Airport which will provide a strategic direction for development over a 20-year horizon and include subsequent stages of the GA precinct.

This initial land release intends to meet immediate demand from industry to establish five new hangars with direct access to all airside facilities.

The new lots, once established, will provide access to hardstand areas, linking directly to the main airport apron and taxiway network to the runway. The location of these new hangar lots will allow secured access to the airside and non-secured access to the landside area at the rear of the lots.

The development is proposed to cover a total area of 16,000m2 including 7750m2 of hardstand and an average lot size of 1650m2.

The project involves construction of:

  • five new lots for hangar development;
  • new hardstand to service the hangar lots;
  • a taxiway link to the main apron and taxiway; and
  • secure airside access to new tenants.

Your feedback on the Masterplan is important to us because it helps us to understand your expectations about the way the airport should be operated and developed.

Please help us by taking the survey below. Printed copies are also available at our Libraries and Council Office.

The survey will close at 5pm on Friday 28 June 2019.

Take the survey

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

QUestion AnSwer
What is an Airport Master Plan? It is a document that establishes the long-term framework for future planning and development of the airport so that it can meet the needs of the community and airport users.
Why do we need one? We need to make sure that we continue to provide facilities and services that meet regulatory, community and airport user requirements and expectations.
Why are you asking for community input/feedback? Your input/ feedback is important because it helps us to understand community expectations about the way the airport should be operated and developed.
How do I do a survey? You can do it online via the link on the Balonne Shire Council website, I can forward you a copy of the printed version or I can ask you the questions and take answers over the phone.
Will my privacy be protected? The online survey is completely anonymous, and we will not collect any of your personal details unless you wish to receive a response to your input or be kept informed about progress.
What happens to my input/feedback? All feedback will be collected/summarised and provided to Aviation Projects and Council staff who are the people responsible for the master plan.
Are you going to make sure the passenger terminal gets fixed up, more car parks, new hangars etc? The plan will consider community and user expectations and match capacity/facilities such as the passenger terminal, aeronautical and industrial development opportunities etc with current and future demand.
Will there be more frequent flights, flights to …  etc? Destinations, including Cunnamulla/Thargomindah and Toowoomba Wellcamp/Brisbane are subject to State Government regulation, are serviced by airlines according to their appreciation of demand and profitability.
Who can I contact to find out more information?

Director Finance and Corporate Services Michelle Clarke on 07 4620 8888.

Why have you got an external consultant doing this job? Airport master planning is a specialised area of expertise, and we want to make sure that we prepare a sound basis for future planning and development of the airport.