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Vandals damage new brick walls along St Georges Terrace

Vandals have damaged the new brick walls along St George’s Terrace over the Easter weekend.

Balonne Shire Mayor Richard Marsh said senseless acts such as this cost ratepayers thousands each year.

“Somebody has kicked the brick capping off the top of the wall and while some has been saved, many have been broken,” he said.

“Council will now have to replace the broken capping and our team will have to repair the rest of the wall, all of which is a cost to our ratepayers.

“We recently also had someone rip bins out of the pavement in Victoria Street – another senseless piece of vandalism.

“Council is liaising with police and will supply them with any CCTV footage we have of these crimes.

“If anyone knows who did either of these senseless acts, please contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000, so Council can recoup some of the repair costs and help reduce the impact on our ratepayers.”