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Stock dog owners within town limits offered subsidised micro-chipping

Council is offering a subsidised micro-chipping clinic to residents who own stock dogs living within a town area.
Under the proposed new Council Local Laws to come into effect on 1 July 2018 working dogs will be reclassified as stock dogs.
A stock dog means:
(a) a dog usually kept or proposed to be kept—
(i) on rural land; and
(ii) by an owner who is a primary producer, or a person
engaged or employed by a primary producer; and
(iii) primarily for the purpose of—
(A) droving, protecting, tending, or working,
stock; or
(B) being trained in droving, protecting, tending,
or working, stock; and
(b) does not include a class of dog prescribed under a
The Local Law for keeping Stock Dogs in the Town Area will require:
• a permit to keep the stock dogs in an town area
• application for permit is to be made to a full Council meeting
• stock dogs to be registered
• must be micro-chipped
• an annual review of the permit.
Council is asking the owners of these dogs to register for the subsidised micro-chipping clinics which will be held throughout the Shire.
Under the new Local Laws all stock dogs living in a town area must be micro-chipped to comply with State legislation and Council is providing this service to owners of all stock dogs to ensure they are ready for the change which will be in force from 1 January 2019.
Please contact Environmental Health Officer Di Francisco on 07 4620 8841 to register or to get further details on this service.