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Level 2 Water Restrictions now in place for St George

Level 2 Water Restrictions are now in place in St George to ensure adequate water supply during and following SunWater works on the Thuraggi Channel outlet at the E.J. Beardmore Dam.

Mayor Richard Marsh said SunWater had advised Council that these works would require the dam to be lowered to 5 per cent capacity or 4000 megalitres and were scheduled to take 8-12 weeks starting mid-April.

“Council’s current river water allocation for St George is now being held in Jack Taylor Weir until the dam works are completed and subsequent river inflow replenishes supply at the dam,” he said.

Cr Marsh said Council decided it would be prudent to agree to this early trigger of Level 2 restrictions in the best interests on St George residents and businesses.

“Council approved the move to increase water restrictions to ensure there is adequate water given the uncertainty of when the next inflow to the dam will be,” he said.

“Rainfall has been patchy and any flow in the river won’t be caught by the dam due to the works so we need to ensure we have sufficient supplies in Jack Taylor Weir until the Beardmore Dam is refilled,” he said.

Level 2 restrictions allow residents to water between the hours of 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm on their allocated water days.