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Have your say on Waste Reduction and Recycling!

The Balonne Shire Council is serious about reducing waste and wants residents to review the draft new Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan to ensure they understand what Council is doing to achieve the reduction in waste.

Mayor Richard Marsh said the draft plan would guide how Council would reduce waste and increase recycling.

“Local Government Authorities across the state are working to ensure landfills are sustainable and that they meet the required standard under the Queensland Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011,” he said.

“Our landfills have a finite life and it is through data collection and planning that we will be able to ensure our communities understand what waste we have and how it will be managed into the future.

“This Plan and the data we collect will help Council in planning how to maximise the use and life of our landfills and reduce waste. With our limited rate base, it is essential that we maximise the life of our landfills and yet continue to provide adequate services to our communities.

“The Balonne Shire Council takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and we look forward to ensuring our Shire has an effective and efficient waste service and sustainable landfills.”

Residents will have until 31 May 2018 to provide their feedback on the plan.

Read the plan