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Dog owners on notice - register your dogs or face fine!

Dog owners in the Balonne Shire are on notice to register their dogs before next year’s planned authorised inspections or face a fine.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said the Council had recently approved a community-wide authorised inspection plan to take place in February.

“Our officers have been authorised by Council to enter residential properties to inspect whether animals are registered and microchipped and how many are kept on site,” he said.

“The team will also be checking for breaches under the State Government’s new dog breeding laws.

“Council has a responsibility to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to our towns and one of our biggest issues has been dog attacks and large numbers of wandering dogs.

“Residents have nothing to be concerned about if they abide by the rules and have their dogs registered and microchipped.

“However, if your animals are not registered then you will face an on-the-spot fine of $252.

“It’s not a money-making exercise, but one that will ensure people and their pets can safely walk along our streets and footpaths.”

A dog is required to be registered within 14 days of:

  • The dog becoming three months of age
  • Obtaining a dog if the dog is older than three months of age
  • Moving into the Balonne Shire
  • Of the date of expiry of the previous registration.

Under Council’s Local Laws a maximum of two dogs can be kept and residents must apply to council for a permit to keep more than two dogs.

Under Queensland Government Regulations all dogs born after 1 January 2008 must be microchipped. 

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