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Council to target off-leash dogs along riverfront

Dog owners are on notice that Council will target dogs that are off leash along St George’s The Terrace and river front.

Balonne Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Matthew Magin said there had been a number of complaints about people walking their dogs and letting the dog off its leash along the river pathway.

“This is not about stopping people walking their dogs, but enforcing the Local Law that dogs must be on a leash when in a public place,” he said.

“It is a matter of community safety and about the safety of your pet while you are using these public spaces.

“There is signage all along river front advising of this law and I would advise people to refrain from letting their dogs off for a run.

“The walkway along the river is popular with exercisers, visitors and locals and we are doing this for their safety.

“Our compliance team will be enforcing this Local Law and if you are caught doing the wrong thing you can expect a fine.”

Under Council’s Local Law No.2 (Keeping and Control of Animals) Part 3 Section 16 - Animals must be under effective control.